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Lonely Planet has placed Tallinn on top of the list for best value places to visit in 2018!
"Estonia’s capital is compact, fashionable and terrific value. Explore one of Eastern Europe’s loveliest old towns on foot for free, stay in good-value dorms, guesthouses or private homes, and take in Baltic Sea views and a superb panorama of the city from the flat roof of the vast Linnahall (one of Tallinn’s best free things to do). Connected by budget flights from around Europe, the city isn’t a secret – but if you want a taste of Tallinn to yourself then head to Kalamaja, a fast-changing neighbourhood home to Telliskivi Creative City. The food trucks here offer Instagrammable fill-ups that won’t tax your wallet."
Lonely Planet writer Shawn Low gets a taste of the past and present in Tallinn, Estonia, LP best value destination to visit in 2018.
"A Food Tour of Tallinn" - Food Sightseeing Estonia was proud to contribute to this video by providing one of our best food tour guides - Kertu Bramanis to talk about Estonian food culture to the team of Lonely Planet in summer 2017!

Lonely Planet writer Shawn Low gets a taste for the fast-changing food scene of Tallinn on a mouth-watering city tour.

Others about Tallinn - The Guardian Travel - "Tallinn's 'new Nordic' food scene"
Do you plan to visit Tallinn in 2018? The year when Estonia celebrates its 100th birthday!
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