Estonia amongst Michelin Guide collection


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Estonia joins the Michelin Guide collection
Estonian diverse culinary scene has hit next highly appreciated milestone - The Michelin Guide Collection, being now the 37th destination featured in it. Wow, congratulations! But the real job just starts from here as the healthy competition between chefs and restaurants in Estonia is now being pushed to a new gear.
Bog walk in Estonia

"The Michelin Inspectors have been following Estonia’s culinary scene for the last few years and are delighted to reveal that this latest selection brings the total number of destinations covered by the MICHELIN Guide to 37.

Set within the Gulf of Finland, in the heart of the Baltic region, Estonia connects the cultural dots between Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. Estonia's UNESCO World Heritage capital Tallinn – which boasts one of Northern Europe's best-preserved medieval cities; its forests and marshes – which cover three quarters of the country; and its 2,222 islands, 3,800 km of coastline and numerous lakes, together offer an enormous amount of charm and history, and have helped shape a very interesting culinary scene. The taste for diversity, artisan products and local ingredients also exert a distinct influence on the Estonian kitchen and its ambitious young chefs.

As with all of the Guides in the MICHELIN collection, the selection for Estonia is compiled by the professional, independent MICHELIN Inspectors, who evaluate restaurants based on worldwide criteria in order to make the best recommendations for gastronomes across the globe.

The MICHELIN Guide Estonia 2022 selection will be available from 25th May on The MICHELIN Guide website, as well as on the free iOS and Android apps."


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