Bocuse d'Or Europe 2020 in Tallinn!


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2020 Bocuse d’Or Europe will be held in Tallinn, Estonia.
Estonia has been taking part in the Bocuse d’Or for ten years already, under the leadership of Dimitri Demjanov, an emblematic figure of Estonian gastronomy who has dedicated much effort to the contest since its creation.
Little known today on the international culinary scene, Estonia has a rich gastronomy and age-old know-how. Its international ambition is strong.
For its first participation in 2009, the country surprised the jury with a performance that landed it in the top of the ranking. Now we're happy to inform you that 2020 Bocuse d’Or Europe will be held in Tallinn, Estonia!
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Main concept of Bocuse d'Or 2020 - Century of Gastronomy
We combine Estonian past with its technological future. The combination of old and new is displayed through gastronomy and the places where events of Bocuse d'Or 2020 take place.

We'd like to welcome you to Estonia to discover our history, culture and diverse food scene!
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