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Academic Food Lab - new cooking courses & private event venue in Tallinn city centre
Academic Food Lab is a training centre and a private restaurant in the heart of Tallinn. The venue is established in the cooperation with Estonian Chefs Association. Hands-on cooking Classes and demonstration dinners are conducted around the teaching islands contributing to an intimate and personal experience with Estonian master-chef instructors.
Each event culminates in 4-course dinner in our cozy dining room.

Hereby some sample event menus:

A) Hands-on cooking class „Estonian Classics With a Twist”, duration ~ 4h
Menu changes according to the availability of local ingredients of the season. Our chefs have created the menu giving a modern touch to the traditional Estonian dishes. Learn and enjoy the flavours of modern
Estonian cuisine.

Price €66 per person (incl. VAT)
Maximum 24 persons at time, minimum turnover per event €600

Price includes:

• welcome drink (local craft cider or beer)
• 4-course menu (prepared with the guests)
• recipes
• water/coffee/tea

Sample menu:

• Local apple wine foam
• Herring ice cream, whitefish carpaccio, beetroot, rye bread and sour cream
• Elk osso bucco, tomato, seasonal vegetables
• Berry salad, rye bread cream and bubbly milk volcano

B) Food Theatre, duration~4h

Gastronomic show-dinner that combines classical cooking with modern molecular techniques using
Estonian local seasonal ingredients.

Price €66 per person (incl. VAT)
Maximum 24 persons at time, minimum turnover per event €600

Price includes:

• welcome drink (local craft cider or beer)
• 4-course menu (prepared by the chef)
• water/coffee/tea
Sample menu:
• beef and herring roe truffles
• Smoked eel, fennel & blood orange salad, mustard dressing
• BBQ pork ribs, vegetable gratin, sauerkraut foam and red wine sauce
• ”Kama” Tiramisu, rye bread ice cream, marzipan

Extras (supplementary pricing):

There is a proper drink list available to the guests for purchase
Wine and food pairing by sommelier
Estonian cider/beer/liqueur/fruit dessert wine tasting
Estonian rye bread tasting (3 different)
Live national-thematic music

For reservations and inquiries please
EMAIL us or submit your request FROM HERE

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