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Memorable food sightseeing tours in Tallinn and in Estonia - tailored to season.
This snowy winter provided us with a lot of opportunities to conduct memorable food sightseeing tours in Tallinn and in North-Coast of Estonia. Tallinn Christmas Market was operating again, despite the ongoing corona pandemic situation, and it still brought a lot of visitors to Tallinn during this festive time of the year. There were several periods with heavy snowfall this winter and though the snow has for now already largely melted away from Tallinn then in countryside ares the fields are still covered with snow, so it is utmost the last chance this winter to enjoy the scenes like partly frozen Jägala waterfall, to stroll or snowshoe hike on numerous snowy and frozen bog trails, visit the coastal areas with old fisherman's villages, have some Estonian thematic picnic served in bog or have a food break at some of the taverns or manor restaurants in Lahemaa National Park. The corona restrictions are soon to be eased, which means that our booze'n bites or craft beer tours should be a good start for an evening out, not to mention our Tallinn Food tour, which gives you a good opportunity to discover the real soul of Tallinn with a local guide while tasting various typical for Estonia food and drinks. And, birds are singing, sun is shining more often, days are longer again, which means that spring is just around the corner :)

Come and join our tailored & incentive food & drink & sightseeing tours and create memories!
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Comments (6)
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